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 Hare And Moon  Mosaic
Hare And Moon Mosaic
 The Green Man  Mosaic
The Green Man Mosaic
 Fox And Grapes  Mosaic
Fox And Grapes Mosaic
 The White Horse  Mosaic
The White Horse Mosaic
 Eros  Mosaic
Eros Mosaic
 Earth Mother  Mosaic
Earth Mother Mosaic
 Growth  Mosaic
Growth Mosaic
Angel Sue Kershaw  Mosaic
Angel Sue Kershaw Mosaic
 Angelic  Mosaic
Angelic Mosaic
 Lifecycle  Mosaic
Lifecycle Mosaic
 Mediterranean Daydreams  Mosaic
Mediterranean Daydreams Mosaic
 Maple Leaf  Mosaic
Maple Leaf Mosaic
 Starry Eyed  Mosaic
Starry Eyed Mosaic
 The Path Of Life  Mosaic
The Path Of Life Mosaic
 Feeling The Heat  Mosaic
Feeling The Heat Mosaic
 Flowing  Mosaic
Flowing Mosaic
 The Tree Of Seasons  Mosaic
The Tree Of Seasons Mosaic
 Bari  Mosaic
Bari Mosaic
 Fiesole  Mosaic
Fiesole Mosaic
 Mondello  Mosaic
Mondello Mosaic
 Otranto  Mosaic
Otranto Mosaic
 Roma  Mosaic
Roma Mosaic
 Ischia   1  Mosaic
Ischia 1 Mosaic
 Firenze  Mosaic
Firenze Mosaic
 Napoli  Mosaic
Napoli Mosaic
Salerno Mosaic Sue Kershaw
Salerno Mosaic Sue Kershaw
 Brindisi  Mosaic
Brindisi Mosaic

Sue Kershaw

Mosaic Artist


A visit to Ravenna, Italy in 1992 changed my life. Standing in front of the world’s greatest Byzantine mosaic interior of the Basilica of San Vitale I knew I had to master the art and techniques of these anonymous great masters.

Explorations of the Roman sites of Britain, Italy, France, Spain and Greece combined with a fascination of architecture and pagan archetypes continues to feed my passion inspiring a whole series of geometric, literature and nature based mosaics.

Working from my studio looking out across the Wolds and North York Moors, I am passionately driven to achieve a balance between creating a great initial design with the physical creation and arrangement of tesserae that flow harmoniously throughout the work.

Each mosaic is produced with hand-cut double fired French porcelain, which has an impervious matt surface, very similar to the natural stone colours of Roman mosaics, with the additional highlight of vibrant vitreous, sicis or smalti glass and mirrors providing a contemporary twist. 

I hope you enjoy them as much I did in their making.

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