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Loneliness, painting by Gabriella Cleuren
Loneliness, painting by Gabriella Cleuren
A lot of things to do, painting by Gabriella Cleuren
A lot of things to do, painting by Gabriella Cleuren
Along the road to Sorobonne, painting by Gabriella Cleuren
Along the road to Sorobonne, painting by Gabriella Cleuren

Gabriella Cleuren

European Fine Artist- Painter



Artwork is like language, not only are the spoken words of importance, but also the intonation and

the unconscious body language. That is why it is not always advisable to explain the work.

For a viewer, it can mean another world, from his own background, and such understanding

must be possible; it is richness in abundance and diversity. © Gabriella Cleuren 2012

The artist worked almost in silence for 40 years, devoted to her art and ameliorating

her painting in significant pictures. 


 Curriculum—selected events only:

 1942born in Kleine-Spouwen, Belgium.

1965 study of Nordic Art and Music at the University of Oslo, Norway.          

1966-1970 living in Bonaire, Dutch Antilles.

1970 back in Belgium.

1970–72 painting and drawing at the Academy in Hasselt, Belgium under the tutelage of R. Vandereycken.

1977–82 painting and drawing at the Academy in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium under the tutelage of  H. De Volder and V. Neels. Sculpture with H. Tersago.

1989-1997 living in Hamburg, Germany. Member of the Seevetaler Kuenstler, Hittfeld, Germany.

1990 participant in the summer academy Pentiment in Hamburg, Germany.

1997 back in Belgium. Member of the :Koninklijke Wase Kunstkring Sint-Niklaas, Belgium and Koninklijke Piet Staut Kring Beveren, Belgium

Selected Solo exhibitions

2013 The marriage Sint-Niklaas, Belgium ; Filled emptiness : New Place Art Gallery, Den Bosch, Netherlands

2012  Virtual worlds : Espace Tendances Liège, Belgium

2011"Brave new, old World" installation of paintings in SDworx, Antwerp, Belgium; Virtual Worlds in Clancy bvba, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.

2010 "Painted thoughts and memories: painted diaries" : Huis Hellemans, Edegem (BE).

2009"Volle leegten" : Zeeuwse bibliotheek, Middelburg (Netherlands) ; "Painted thoughts and memories : painted diaries" ; Unizo, Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) .

2008"Virtual worlds, a diary in colors" : paintings, pastels and sculptures in Galerie Deutz Art and Design, Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) ; "Verloren werelden" : Art Gallery De Cleene Houttuyn, Middelburg (Netherlands).

2007"Vrouwendag : women and work" : installation on invitation of Gynaika and VOK in cultural centre Vooruit, Ghent (Belgium).

2006"Feuilles uniques d'une vie" : La, Brussels (Belgium) ; "Volle leegten" : PostArt, Hulst (Netherlands) ; "Brave new, old worlds" : Art Gallery Vercammen, Hamme (Belgium), under the direction of B. Vandenabeele ; "Psychological portraits" 's Landshuis, Hulst (Netherlands).

2005 Event "De maakbare mens" : University Ghent (Belgium), composition "create yourself".

2004"Virtual worlds" : paintings, pastels and sculptures in Galerie Deutz Art and Design, Sint-Niklaas (Belgium).

2003"Brave new, old worlds" : paintings, waterworks and sculptures in Galerie Deutz Art and Design, Sint-Niklaas (Belgium).

1998 Calligraphic Art, Stadsschouwburg, Sint-Niklaas (Belgium).

1995-96 "Liebe" calligraphy in Art Gallery AMD, Düsseldorf (Germany).

1994 Installation and exhibition in the Christuskirche, Othmarschen (Germany) : Parallels with the "Messiah" of G.F. Händel.

1992 Portrait exhibition with Förster Erben, Hamburg (Germany) ; Calligraphy Art –"Liebe" in Justizkanzlei Wessing Berenberg Gossler, Hamburg (Germany). Art Gallery "Im Elysee", Hambrug (Germany) : diary pages ;  "Liebe" :

Art Gallery Forum, Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Hamburg (Germany) ; Guest exhibition at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg (Germany) : "Parallels with Popea of Monteverdi" on the occasion of a performance in the hall of mirrors.

1991 Galerie Dr. Meyer, Hamburg (Germany).

1988–89Participant in Lineart, Ghent; with Art Gallery Dr. Maringer (Austria) ; Art Gallery Mercatore, Antwerp( Germany) ;  Art Gallery Lösekrug, Berlin (Germany) ; Art Gallery Dr. Maringer, Sankt-Pölten (Austria).

Selected Group exhibitions

2013 Brave New OLd Worlds , Lille Art Fair, Lille ( France)

2012 Virtual Worlds : Verni'cage Antwerp, Belgium  --  Objects : KPSK Beveren, Belgium -- Brave New Old Worlds,  Art Gent , Gent (Belgium)-- "One" Koninklijke Wase Kunstkring, Sint-Niklaas, (Belgium) -- Brave New Old Worlds,  Art Gent , Gent (Belgium)-- "One" Koninklijke Wase Kunstkring, Sint-Niklaas, (Belgium) –Laureates Piet Staut Awards 2012 BEVEREN (Belgium)

2011 -- Filled emptyness at Art Gallery De Cleene Houttuyn, Middelburg,(Netherlands) -- 50 Ans 50 Artistes : Group Exhibition  Brussels, Belgium –5e Biennale d'art contemporain Mobil'Art : Group Exhibition  Liege (Belgium) –Koninklike Piet Staut Kring : Huize De Rop Beveren ( Belgium) –Selection for taking part in the 9th. festival international des arts plastiques in Monastir (Tunisia) on invitation of the organization : A museum for Monastir.

2010 "Between black and white" Koninklijke Wase Kunstkring, Sint-Niklaas, (Belgium) "Lof der Zotheid" Museum Sint-Niklaas, (Belgium) -- "300years old and still looking good" Sint-Pauls Cathedral, London, (United Kingdom). 

2009"Oppositions" : La, Brussels, (Belgium) ; Taking part in the 7th. festival international des arts plastiques in Monastir (Tunisia) on invitation of the organization : A museum for Monastir.;  "Confrontation" : participation in group exhibition Koninklijke Wase Kunstkring, Sint-Niklaas (Belgium).

2008 Selection for taking part in the 6th. festival international des arts plastiques in Monastir (Tunisia) on invitation of the organization : A museum for Monastir ; Participation in group exhibition Koninklijke Wase Kunstkring, Museum Zwijgershoek, Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) ;  Galerie Croissant, Brussels (Belgium).

2007 La, Brussels (Belgium) : participation in group exhibition "Le 8ème Péché" ;  Participation in international symposium (Hannover, Germany) "Europa wächst, Kunst entsteht" ;  Galerie Deutz Art and Design, Sint-Niklaas (Belgium), presentation artist group "Unica6"

2006 La, Brussels (Belgium) : participation in the travelling communal exhibition "La boîte" ;  "Pas de deux" of Gabriëlla Cleuren & Jean-Pierre Hendrickx in the old cultural centre of Ohain (Belgium) ;  Participation in group exhibition Koninklijke Wase Kunstkring, "Gekoesterd", Sint-Niklaas (Belgium).               

2005 Participation in the Art Fair "Tour & Taxis" Brussels (Belgium);  Participation in the exhibition Koninklijke Wase Kunstkring, Academy of Sint-Niklaas ( Belgium) "Pas de deux".

2004 Participation in group exhibition Koninklijke Wase Kunstkring, Museum Zwijgershoek Sint-Niklaas ( Belgium). Participation in "Zwischenräume" with a large creation, together with German artists in Hittfeld Hamburg (Germany), under the direction of curator Dagmar Detlefsen;  Participation in "La Main" in La in Brussels (Belgium) together with Francophone artists.

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