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isabelle pozzi

Graphic Designer



Self-taught and creative by nature, Isabelle Pozzi has designed a new way of emphasizing your photographs in an original and aesthetic way.


With the use of hundreds of small photographs, she recreates an image or portrait in oversized format. Each photograph is used to represent the detail of the image being created! Treated like pixels, the combination of several individual photographs thus reveals the general image.

Light, form and intensity are manipulated to create these contemporary trompe l'oeils. Whether her productions be “celeb” inspired by iconic artists such as Marilyn Monroe or Michael Jackson, or developed from personal photographs of events, holidays or weddings from the client, each piece is an original, one-of-a-kind production.  

Imagine, for a wedding anniversary, hundreds of images of the married couple representing their life together carefully placed on a canvas together to create one image. Or, for the birthday of a loved one, choose two to three hundred photographs of the best moments of their life and see Isabelle put them together to create their portrait. 

These are just a few of the ideas that Isabelle Pozzi proposes.

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Location All > Belgien / Belgique / België (Belgium) > Bruxelles (Brussels)
Categories All > Visual Art > Digital Artist
All > Visual Art > Fiber Artist
All > Visual Art > Graphic Artist

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