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Creeping Close Up For Cover
Creeping Close Up For Cover

Blair Zaye


I am a New Zealand artist, with a Bachelor of Visual Arts and have been based in London since the end of 2008. As an artist I endure to express the internal, either in myself or murmured mutterings and general feeling of faceless individuals which make up the populous. I express ideas and beliefs of implicit society and culture. Creating and uncovering utopian ideas, ideologies for a better self and society and social commentary which bares all. Often attempting to describe thought through text to expose internal dialogue and well known secrets which reflect on social and economic conditions. Commenting on my own life situation and using it as a microcosm for the outside, psycho babbling while describing the state of the world and states of minds on private and universal levels. Showing parallels between the ‘real’ world and the world of the mind. Bringing a spiritual philosophy and divinity into art, treating art as religion and a life philosophy to encourage others to release what they have inside them in an artistic manner (whether music, poetry, art). Trying to explain that we each have a self, which is connected and in common. Advocating a sense of calm and fulfilment through expression, purging inner demons and self adjudicated sins to empty and clear the mind of worry and the overwhelming sense of dread I often build up on a day to day basis, but with paint release it as it comes to mind and at the next possible moment from memory. Using art as a form of meditation and self realisation, as the vessel for a journey inside and through myself, trying to find something more or capture something I’ve found already. Diving into a world of artistic existentialism to look for and find answers and universal truths within myself, as opposed to looking for answers in others and mass media which often merely distract. Sometimes I wonder if I am trying to tell myself something that I have not yet come to realise. I catch a glimpse of my true self in a pure form during the painting process and then use the produced painting as a window to relay it back to others. After almost two years in London refining my practice and developing a more professional and mature attitude I feel I am finally creating fine(r) works, pieces I feel I can be proud of and have no hesitation in using as a true representation of myself. Examples of this can be seen in my latest series ‘Rips Splits, Tears and Drips’. As there is so much of me in these new paintings I have become so expressive and almost self indulgent in my mental purging. Art has become not just what I do it is now who I am.

Blair's work is being exhibited as part of our Art Crawl! To see his work come to

The Macbeth, 70 Hoxton St, London N1 6LP

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