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SERIES INTERVENTIONS (encaustic and acrylic on acrylic paper)
SERIES INTERVENTIONS (encaustic and acrylic on acrylic paper)


by Valentina Paglia

Liquid and warm colors are delineated by the support of the gravity. 

Small and insinuose lines are involved in a background where the harmony plays with the natural fusion of being.

The series "INTERVENTIONS" is about the sharing of primordial wisdom of nature with the human conscience.

The part in encaustic represents the cosmos, the irregular shape of the color shows the impossible control over environmental laws by the human race.

The intervention in acrylic is the human part. 

The straight lines and almost hypnotic repetitive shapes, recall the daily life of an existence, where time patterns and rules to follow are liders.

Despite this, in my work I wanted to find the equilibrium between these two worlds, who both survive in the suffocation of indifference and at the idea of being able to change everything around us.

We no longer recognize the universe as an entity governed by its own order and controlled by constant laws.

Once we were part of these principles, and currently we are in a constant race to recover them.


-The painting is available with white frame : 52 x 42 cm 

-Encaustic and acrylic color on acrylic paper


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Width 52.0cm
Height 42.0cm
Depth 2.0cm
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Artist Valentina Paglia