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La scintilla (spark)
La scintilla (spark)


by Valentina Paglia
Mixed media on wood , 130 cm x 80 cm.
This painting was created years ago, his name is "LA SCINTILLA" (spark).
It has this name because form me it represented a new beginning in painting after a year of non-production.
This work has many meanings, in fact, looking carefully, you will see a volcanic island, with lines that create a fish inside the other like a little game of Matryoshka doll.
The intensity of color reflects the release of stored energy, and the three-dimensionality of the material is used as a bridge between the work and the viewer.
The red represents the strength, the spirit, the impetus of the will of human beings.
Into the red color we can see the spiral that represents the DNA seen from above, a continuous evolution of the infinite.
The green represents the mental part, the lawn, the earthly and rational that is spreading up to the intense blue of the soul, free as the sea.
The freedom is expressed also in all shades of blue, reflecting the deep union of the colors in the work.


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Width 130.0cm
Height 80.0cm
Depth 3.0cm
Weight 8.0kg
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Artist Valentina Paglia