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The Craftsmans Lodge
The Craftsmans Lodge

The Craftsman’s Lodge

by Nathan Oliver Farleigh


These pieces of work are from my travels in North Wales. When you’re trying to find the perfect point of view it is not always straight forward, as crossing the landscape can be fraught with difficulty and danger. More often than not just to get to the right vantage point, I might have to hike for miles from the nearest roads, sometimes even climb sheer cliff faces to get the perfect view. This beautiful and remote place has an energy that I can’t express in words.

When creating my work I endeavour to capture the very essence or atmosphere of the place. These etchings are of an abandoned quarry that is shadowed by mount Snowdon. There is a ghostly presence of the craft men that used to live and work in this area but now all that remains are their neglected buildings.


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Width 32.6cm
Height 17.8cm
Depth 10.0cm
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Artist Nathan Oliver Farleigh