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What We Offer

Comuniart is about making art a part of our every day lives so we offer a wide range of products and services - many of which are new and innovative so that you may bring more colour and creativity into your lives, homes and communities. Check out some of the things we offer. If you can think of anything else, get in touch - let us know!


Decoration for Home / Furniture / Objects. Hire an artist to customise anything! Murals on the wall, decoration for your guitar, flowers up the banister and fish along the bath tub! Creativity is limitless.



Illustrated Handmade Personalised Books. Have you got a story to tell? An adventure, experience or anecdote you may have shared with someone close? No matter how short or tall your tale is, we can turn it into your very own book.  

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Art for Sale

We sell art of all descriptions. Whether you are looking for something decorative or something more experimental, browse or search through artwork and choose from paintings, prints, sculpture and lots more. 








Commission a painting. We are very flexible and able to emulate many styles and techniques. If you have something in mind, perhaps an existing piece you're fond of or simply something you've imagined, our gifted artists will make it real. Whether from real life or from a photo or image, imagine the reaction of a loved one when you present them with an image of a person, place or thing they love in paint or sculpture or any other medium - an authentic, personal piece dedicated to them.






Hire a professional photographer to capture those momentous occasions in style. Whether it's for a wedding, a party or some other event. Perhaps you've got something arty in mind for display purposes.







We offer a lots of ingeniously crafted crafts. Whether its an existing piece or commissioned. Lots of stuff for inside and out!






Graphic Design

If you are looking to promote or advertise anything, whether an event, business or wedding, allow our graphic design team to construct your vision. If you like the work of one of our painters or illustrators, they could collaborate with our graphic designers to give you what you want.





Our illustrators can work on any project no matter how small or large. Whether you are a publisher seeking accompanying illustration or a business looking to advertise or someone looking to decorate their chest of drawers. Why not have your own personalised children’s book made for your kids? An amazing gift.










Film / Video Art

We offer a variety of video art and services including wedding videos, music videos, promo videos, adverts, short films, visuals for live performances etc. Our video artists not only serve as solo artists but are also interested in collaborative work.




Web Site Design

Trust our experienced web designers to build you a web site that you will be proud of. Whatever you need, we have the know-how.